Sunday, November 20, 2011

DIY Felt Bag of Donuts

I am so excited that about this little project I completed tonight. That's right I made 3 sets of this project in ONE evening! This is my first ever craft tutorial, so if I'm missing anything, please let me know!

You'll Need:

Paper bag, peeled apart to create large rectangle.
White or cream colored felt (I purchased half a yard and have enough for 2 more bags)
Assorted puff paint colors
Clothes pins
Iron and board
Hot glue gun

First I got the idea for these cute little fabric donuts here.

They would be great gifts for my daughter's little friends for Christmas. But they needed something to go in, something that was soft and indestructible and safe for toddler play time. I looked at making felt donut boxes but I don't have a sewing machine nor the patience for one. As I was thinking of things that donuts are served on, it hit me. Paper bags! What if I made a paper bag out of felt? Ta-Da!

I am oh so excited about this because I figured out the pattern all by myself, no Pinterest needed! Here's what I did:

Cut out a patch of felt the same size as an unfolded paper bag. (I started cutting mine before I realized I could peel it apart, duh)

Trim up the edges to meet if needed.

Trim the top edge to look like a paper bag by cutting tiny triangles out.

Then fold one side into the middle and run hot glue down the side to create a seam.

Then fold over the side and press to seal.

Next fold in bottom corners just like wrapping a gift. Apply glue at edges to seal. (Beware of upper fold and make sure glue doesn't bleed or felt will stick where it shouldn't).

Fold the top flap up where your glue stop and make a crease for reference. Add glue around the edge, staying above the crease. Fold down at crease to seal.

Do same technique with next fold.

And now it stands up! (If your glue seeped onto inside fabric, gentle pull to loosen or try to cut away with scissors where needed.)

Now to crease your folds! Heat up your iron and grab the board. I used a medium setting on my iron, so as not to melt the hot glue already sealed. I also used clothes pins to hold the folds while I ironed. I tried not to iron over the glued seams as much as possible.

Now you have one awesome standing "paper" bag!

I added a sticky back velcro dot inside to keep the bag closed. 

And the finishing touch, writing donuts in puff paint! Gotta love puff paint!

Let all the paint dry laying flat for 24 hours. And then you can "package" up these fun little donuts!

The third bag I did tonight was the one I timed. Keeping in mind I'd had 2 practice runs before, and I was taking pictures at every step, this bag took me 30 minutes to create from start to finish. I was shocked it only took 30 minutes, I thought it would at least be an hour! And the donuts probably took about an hour to do a dozen. It was a lot easier project than I was expecting and I am darn proud of it! Think I'll add this book along with it and make it an even better gift!

Hope you enjoy making yours as much as I did! Thanks for reading my first ever craft tutorial!

: ) Lynly


  1. Great job!! Loved it and I can't wait to go eat some donuts, cause you have made me hungry!

  2. Too cute Lynly! Great job on the tutorial too!